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arcplan partner Bellingham Alexander implements Nortel's OSP System

(Langenfeld, November 30, 2001) - Nortel Networks, the worldwide market leader in Internet and communication services has decided to use arcplan's flexible front-end, dynaSight®, for the reorganization of its order, sales and production (OSP) system. Nortel covers the network requirements of service providers, network operators and other IT companies of all sizes. With more than 75,000 employees on all continents, Nortel achieved a turnover of more than 30 billion US Dollars with its products and services.

With a company of this size, a reliable order processing and production control system is imperative. The management promoted the current provision of all relevant information regarding ongoing orders and sales and, at the same time, expected a simplification of the evaluation and forecast of important business data. In addition, adapting the production plan numbers to the actual demand should be possible. A system was developed with the Nortel OSP solution that completely met these requirements. The Applix iTM1 technology, already proven in the company, served as a data basis and was already being used successfully for Nortel's Strategic Planning System, among others. In this way, time-consuming comparisons of data from different systems can be avoided.

In particular, the decision to use dynaSight was made because a flexible web-based tool was needed that could enable the complete distribution of applications to a great number of employees within the company. Using dynaSight enables all users to directly access the application without requiring additional installations on the individual computers. Moreover, the data can easily be exported to Excel tables for further evaluation and thus made available to the power users in the company. Furthermore, the decision to use dynaSight was accelerated by the simple operation of the system. Training the user is not necessary, since any desired information is provided immediately per mouse click.

In the past, OSP data was entered in Excel templates. Data input on the part of the account manager using this method was not difficult, but collating the data for analysis and reporting purposes required an exceptional expenditure of time and effort. Preparing the monthly reports by the finance department especially took up a lot of time. The new system allows a flexible and simplified analysis through better-structured data, without making data entry more complicated. Therefore, data can be analyzed more quickly and entry can occur at a later time, which increases the topicality of the information. In addition, easy access at any time and from any location is guaranteed.

Bellingham Alexander Ltd., a partner of arcplan UK and one of the renowned suppliers of BI solutions in Great Britain, was entrusted with developing and implementing the Nortel OSP System. In order to realize the expectations of all participants, the account teams responsible for data input, as well as the end users who sort through and analyze the information, were consulted. With the help of dynaSight, a solution, which completely corresponded to the previously determined requirements, was soon created by the tight deadline. Next to flexibility, user-friendliness and distribution capacity, the advantages of the new system include efficiency, quickness, scalability as well as uncomplicated maintenance.

Currently, the application to enter and analyze OSP data is being used by approximately 60 users within Europe. This includes the account managers as well as employees from the areas of Finance and Planning. In the future, it is planned to deploy the system in other continents as well as to connect it to the global OSP system. Furthermore, even more financial information will be integrated, such as actual and planning data, the number of dynaSight reports will be increased, and additional functionalities will be supplemented.