March 2008:
Cognos TM1 Partner Accreditation:
We passed!

January 2008:
IBM completes acquisition of Cognos news

October 2007:
Cognos completes acquisition of Applix news


Drowning in a sea of spreadsheets?

In an all too familiar story, the incredibly flexible and powerful spreadsheet package, without which your whole business could not function, has spawned a monster.

  • Only one person can do anything
  • There are several copies floating around, which one is right?
  • They all are, sort of…
  • Can't see the information for the numbers?
  • Spending more time managing links than managing your business?

Let us throw you a lifeline

In a matter of a few weeks, we can employ OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) techniques to leverage your existing spreadsheet technology into the twenty first century. We will dramatically improve the way spreadsheets work for you, reducing lead times and costs. Quality analysis of your data in real time will become the norm; you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Budget Time Again?

We know how difficult and painful budgeting can be; numbers need to be checked, consolidated and transposed into the required format - a format used by nobody that submits their budgets to you for consolidating. Before you've finished preparing your submissions for this budgetary cycle it is time to start thinking about the next one.

We can help you control, automate, simplify and secure your budgetary process. Lead times are reduced, consolidation just happens and formatting your submission into any report you can conceive is a breeze.

  • Real-time data capture, adjustment, update and consolidation through a familiar Excel interface or via a web portal.
  • Automatic application of business rules.
  • Centralised data store with fully featured multi level security and administration.
  • Multiple scenarios for 'what if?' analysis.
  • Easy comparison with previous budgets, forecasts and actuals for powerful variance analysis.