March 2008:
Cognos TM1 Partner Accreditation:
We passed!

January 2008:
IBM completes acquisition of Cognos news

October 2007:
Cognos completes acquisition of Applix news


Our TM1 training courses are only delivered by our own experienced consultants. Their real world experience and expertise allow them to focus not only on the mechanics of TM1 technology, but also on designing/implementing complete solutions, integration with other technologies, and improving application acceptance.

The range of courses provided ensures that there is always the right course for each member of your team whether they require basic concepts, implementation fundamentals, or advanced techniques.

We also offer bespoke training courses in addition to our standard set, ideal for those organizations looking to achieve the highest levels of knowledge transfer in the shortest possible time.

All courses can be run either on-site or at our Didsbury (Manchester) site. The maximum number of delegates for each course is usually six unless otherwise stated.

iTM1 End User [subtitle]

This hands-on course will address Dimension and Cube Building, Rules, Advanced Worksheet Functions and Report Automation, and creating ad-hoc import worksheets. On the first day of this course attendees will learn the basics of writing TM1 Rules and how and when to apply them. The second day will introduce attendees to some of the more advanced TM1 and Excel worksheet functions that can be used for building automated and interactive reports for analysis, planning, budgeting, and forecasting and how to import data from a flat file or cube using import worksheets.


  • Dimension Building and Maintenance
  • Creating New Cubes
  • Fundamentals of Rules
  • Recommended Formatting of Rules
  • Introduction to Asynchronous Inter-Cube Rules
  • Using Rule Functions
  • Relative Rules
  • Introduction to Skipcheck and Feeders
  • Using Advanced TM1/Excel Functions
  • Building String Cubes
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Processing Data Between Cubes
  • Introduction to Turbo Integrator
  • Complex Processing Spreadsheets
  • Defining Attributes and Aliases

Prerequisites: The End User Course and working knowledge of Windows and MS Excel

Course length: 2 days

iTM1 Developer [subtitle]

This hands on course covers advanced rules concepts - currency conversions, allocations, detailed feeders & memory usage. Upon completion, attendees will be able to create powerful analytic and business modelling calculations and improve the efficiency and maintainability of TM1 rules.


  • Refresher on Rules
  • Simple One Cube Rule
  • Inter-Cube Rules and Indirect References
  • Linking Cubes with Differing Dimensions
  • Foundation in Skipcheck and Feeders
  • Linking Cubes with Different Levels
  • Time Based Calculations
  • Allocation (Break Down) by Proportion
  • Opening Balances and Depletions over Time

Prerequisites: End User Training and Developer Training and working knowledge of Windows and MS Excel

Course length: 2 days